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Stoss’ Home

Welcome to Stoss’ home on the web. I’m a Canadian living in the United Kingdom who loves technology, travel and has a geek-like obsession with exposing western media’s problems. I use this page as a place to list my inane thoughts, rants on the media, travel stories, book reviews and other geeky things.

The views expressed in my blog entries are my own, I cannot say the same for the comments section. For those that know me and my tendancy to rant on subjects that are passionate to me, you probably can hear my voice as you read. For those that don’t know me, please take my rants with a grain of salt. Written hyperbole is an interesting way to make a point: It allows the reader some creativity in their interpretation of the words. Perhaps the writer is full of steam and doesn’t understand the concept, or maybe it was used to drive home a point (Reductio ad Absurdum?), or perhaps it was just humour disguised as poignancy. I will let you, the reader, decide.

This website is meant as entertainment. It is not a picture of me, nor is it a representation of my life. It is a series of thoughts written down to satisfy some cathartic need I don’t quite understand, as well as to vent some frustrations at some of the idiosyncrasies around us.

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